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New Century - New Calling

Welcome to Haseya Holistics!

Haseya meaning she rises, or to rise up

I have always known deep down that I would end up doing something where I help others. Since I was a young child I was always the shoulder to cry on, the go to friend, who is happy to listen. I had never really thought I could do it as a job. But now, at nearly 50 years old, here I am and Haseya Holistics has been born. I am very excited about the journey ahead for me and all my clients, past, present and future.

I trained in Reiki a couple of years ago. I find it such a lovely therapy to have and to give. I had heard of tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) but I didn't know too much about it. For some reason I was drawn to it and I have spent the last year in training. It really is the most amazing therapy and I feel very blessed to be able to use it on my clients. The results I have seen over this past year have been truly mind blowing.

I will do separate blogs soon on both therapies.

I'm hoping next year to train in Transformation Breath therapy, as there are huge benefits which would work really well alongside the therapies I already offer at Haseya.

Peace & Love

Nikki x

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